Analog Film - Retro Quick Cam

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Analog Film - Retro Quick Cam

販売元:Sky Media Inc.








  • スマホ版インスタントカメラアプリ
  • スマホの写真機能をあえてインスタントカメラ並みにし、風情ある写真を撮ろう
  • 高度な編集や修正機能もなく、光の加減によってのみ、写真が変化する
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Analog Film is a simple Disposable camera to make a realistic instant photo effect, easy to use for selfies and scenic photos.

We don't provide various filters like other original photo apps, but we provide the beauty of retro and nostalgic so that users who use Analog Film can easily put sensibility effect into their photos themselves.

Analog Film does not include complicated operations such as editing and post-correction. By tilting the Manual Focus Dial, capture the subject and space which differs according to light. You might lose focus or the photo might shake, but there is a beauty in themselves.

Start enjoying now, Random photos.

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Analog Studio™ Founded in 2005, Our goal is to empower all the creative tools available, providing the best instruments and experience ever allowing people to create and connect, Make every moment unforgettable and tell your story.

Sky Media Inc.


2018年07月05日 にバージョン2.0が 更新されました。


- New icon and UI design.
- New light leakage films.
- Custom date watermark.
- Viewfinder touch switching mode.
- New poster box function.

Thanks for using! We're always working on new features/content and constantly working to improve your photo editing experience.
If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us:
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リリース日 2018年02月10日
更新 2018年07月05日
バージョン 2.0
サイズ 142.54 MB
販売元 Sky Media Inc.
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