Tiny Paint Pro-Pad Doodle Draw

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Tiny Paint Pro-Pad Doodle Draw

販売元:80 Degree Photo Studio






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TinyPaint is an easy and full featured photo editor. Create, draw, design and retouch photos in minutes with TinyPaint! You won't believe how easy this is!


1. Layers
Support unlimited layers and 20+ blend modes.

2. Brushes
Over 450 high quality brushes. Support Apple Pencil for iPad 2018 and 3D Touch sensitivity for iPhones. Drawing whenever and wherever you want!

3. Filters
Over 60 filters, ideal for enhancing your photos.

4. Select
Select areas with Inteligence, Lasso, Magic Wand, Rect or Tap tool. Edit and apply effects to portions of photo while leaving unselected areas untouched.

5. Raster and Vector Graphics Editor
If you want to design UI, web page or LOGO on the go, TinyPaint is for you.

6. Undo
Undo any slippery editing mistakes.

7. Inpaint
Remove unwanted objects from your photos.

8. Seamless Merge
Combine two layers seamlessly.

9. Color
20 + Color FX and 10+ Color adjustment tools.

10. Resources
Over 1000 stickers, textures, backgrounds, etc.

11. More
Fill, stroke, text, crop, resize, rotate and etc.

80 Degree Photo Studio Co., Ltd


2018年06月01日 にバージョン1.5が 更新されました。


- Add liquify tool
- Add pressure control center

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リリース日 2018年05月12日
更新 2018年06月01日
バージョン 1.5
サイズ 97.87 MB
販売元 80 Degree Photo Studio
言語 日本語対応 英語対応

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