Cologne/Bonn offline map & nav

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Cologne/Bonn offline map & nav

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100% OFFLINE: beautiful 3D city map, public transport route planner, address and places finder!

Key Features:
• A detailed offline map that is low on storage and high on data.
• A comprehensive transport route planner for all modes of public transport within Cologne.
• Use the Cologne Offline Map Route planner to plan your journey by bus, subway, ferries or railway to get from one place to another within Cologne, quickly and cheaply.
• Detailed functions of its efficient route planner will inform you which transport to take, from where to take it, where to get off and at what time.
• Know your journey time as the route planner displays the duration of the journey and the time spent on each mode of transport you use enroute.
• 3D maps for a realistic experience.
• A city guide that contains information about all the attractions, eateries, parks, monuments, theatres, and other places or interest for quick reference.
• Allows you to search for a location by name or address.
• Provides up to date information about Cologne.

Cologne Offline Map is here to take care of your navigation problems. It will help you to find your way from one location to another, quickly, easily, and accurately. It provides you with an offline map of the city of Cologne that you can download and store on your device and use as you may wish without bothering to look for a network or worrying about connectivity.

Use Cologne Offline Map to find your way in the City of Rhine region history. Get rid of the outdated navigation apps that take ages to load and require an Internet connection every time you need help to navigate. Download the Cologne Offline Map with Public Transport Route Planner once and use it forever. Its regular updates ensure that you have the latest data about Cologne available on your device at all times.

Experience Cologne in 3D, watch the city come alive on your screen like never before. Optimize your navigation routes as Cologne offline map allows you to explore the city’s various transport options and provides you with the best route, from one point to the other. You have all you need in the palm of your hand. Wish to find a restaurant or a museum or that little café you have recently heard about? Just turn on Cologne Offline Map’s excellent city guide and it will take you there without any fuss. Its huge database of businesses, attractions, parks, monuments, and other interesting destinations, allows hassle free guiding service to you. Cologne Offline Map guide updates will keep you informed about the hottest places in Cologne so you never miss out on the best places to eat, drink or relax.

Download "Cologne Offline Map & Nav" and never get lost in Cologne again!

Andrii Zborovskyi


2018年07月31日 にバージョン1.0が 更新されました。

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リリース日 2018年07月31日
更新 2018年07月31日
バージョン 1.0
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販売元 Andrii Zborovskyi
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