Bubbly Wobbly Bubble Shooter

Bubbly Wobbly Bubble Shooter」はPriti Kaloniが配信するiPhoneアプリです。
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Bubbly Wobbly Bubble Shooter

販売元:Priti Kaloni






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Please Note : This game is paid, ads free, no IAP, small app size, more functionality and better user experience..

The objective of this game is simple : Press either of the colored button at a time to shoot the bubble of that button color. Use the power up to pop all the bubbles when you are in trouble by tapping on the cannon.

CAUTION: Bubble waves keep coming down with increasing difficulty. Correct hit will pop the bubble but wrong hit will make it large and harder to pop. Addictive Fun Game.

Unlock characters and buy Power ups.

Features include :-

1) Unlimited game play.
2) GameCenter(Compete with your friends).
3) Smooth user interface and gameplay.
4) Fun sound effects.
5) Difficulty increases with time.
6) Polished touch interaction.
7) Clean animations.
8) Use Power ups wisely whenever you get stuck.
9) No IAP and No ADS
9) Universal game and much more...

Immerse yourself into this cool and addictive bubble shooter game. Have fun.....:)

Priti Kaloni


2019年06月08日 にバージョン1.1が 更新されました。


* Bug fixes and optimization
* Improved gameplay!
* Optimized for iOS 12

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リリース日 2018年08月03日
更新 2019年06月08日
バージョン 1.1
サイズ 32.78 MB
販売元 Priti Kaloni
言語 日本語対応 英語対応