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Hello great people... My name is Nural and I'm aiming to empower your team to work intuitively. I help my lovely team to reflect our superior power into an excellent tangible product.

We have big goals and you as well, but they always seem too far to get them done unless we know how to start and what's most important. I'm fascinated with speed as much as working smart. I would like to show other teams how to get things done, how to set goals and how to manage projects all-in-all. I'm here to make your life more organized and help you to be the one you dream to be.

I've three basic organs that help me in organizing any project, they're Task management, Conversation & Notes. Yes, they're all in one place… to avoid switching between different applications and keeping information forefront your eyes all the time. Besides, these three panels must be in one place because managing projects with your team is hard and it is sometimes overwhelming. You may face these problems with your time:

Overload information that leads to scattered information, team communication in groups is chaos not professional, the time spent for searching of information, and last but not least is the common processes we always reinvented hence, the way we work isn’t working because we’re are repeating ourselves.

So, Why I’m doing this? All I wanted is saving your time, automation, tasks prioritization, and customization to fit your need. While, my language is yours beside that I'm powered by natural language and artificial intelligence to detect the tasks, assignees and due dates to turn your conversations into actions.

I'm here to help you & your team whether you are a student, engineer, information technologies, sales, marketing, etc. I'm powerful enough for any workflow.

Task management:-

For project managers, you will have the ability to check status for each one of the teammates while your team doesn’t have to see the whole list, they will see the most important tasks to work on their priorities. Also, You can also check progress, deadlines, status and more.


You don't need to create any groups because you're already in a workspace and team. In Nural, your messages are categorized into personal, notifications, workspaces and teams. What is more interesting is that you can pin any message to keep at the top and schedule message to send it in the future if you think this is not the right time to do that.


Simply, write with a style! Your notes will look beautiful & flexible writing panel where you can: Highlight, Underline, Justify, Add a quote, etc. Your notes are automatically saved, that’s why there is no save button.

I believe that both of us will build a great future.

Nural Technologies W.L.L.


2018年12月11日 にバージョン1.0.1が 更新されました。


Hello Siri ;)
Ask Siri to:
1. Mark specific task as complete.
2. Create new project.
3. Create new tasks and assign them to a project.

+ Reorder incomplete/completed tasks
+ Task dates view redesign
+ Ability to set priority, start/due dates before creating tasks
+ Show workspace with one tap instead of double taps
+ Use local timezone instead of System
+ Allow Task Modification:
Change title, about, project, priority, progress, start/due date.
Assign to user
Add/remove subscribers
Add/remove tags
Make task visible, archive, or delete it

FIXED: iPad Pro 11-inch layout and subscribers issue

Let me know what you think of me or how your latest project is going!
Twitter: @nuralme
Instagram: @nuralme

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リリース日 2018年09月22日
更新 2018年12月11日
バージョン 1.0.1
サイズ 16.47 MB
販売元 Nural Technologies W.L.L.
言語 日本語対応 英語対応

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