SqlWebProg2 Sql Server Client

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SqlWebProg2 Sql Server Client

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Are you a Sql Server database user and ever wished about exploring the database from iOS devices by touch from anywhere, then this is a powerful companion tool for you to remotely visualize and explore the Sql Server database in an intuitive way.

For detailed information please visit http://makeprog.com

• Visualize, search & script database objects.
• Database objects can be viewed in Tiles & Table view.
• Administer database by scripting.
• Sql Server agent support.
• Multi tab query runner.
• Send any kind of ad-hoc query and browse the results in table.
• Fast access to SQL keywords using special SQL keyboard.
• Save queries to iOS device and reuse.
• Simple GUI table designer.
• Theme support for user interface.
• Define Entry Form and Add, Edit & Delete Table Rows.
• Charting
• Export to Pdf, Csv and Xlsx

• Email script and query results instantly.
• Download saved queries using iTunes.

• Databases, Tables, Indexes, Keys, Constraints, Triggers & Table Columns.
• Views, Synonyms, Stored procedures & Functions.
• Table valued functions, Scalar valued functions & Aggregate functions.
• Database triggers, Assemblies & Types.
• User defined data types, User defined table types, User defined types & XML schema collections.
• Rules & Defaults.
• Security, Users, Roles & Application Roles.
• Schemas, Asymmetric keys & Symmetric Keys.
• Database audit specifications.
• Server objects, Logins, Roles & Credentials.
• Server audit specification & Backup devices.
• View and analyze Sql Server logs.
• Sql Server agent & Job activity monitor.
• Alerts, Operators & Jobs.
• Start and stop jobs.

• This iOS application requires a Bridge Server to be installed in a Windows Machine to process the requests made by iOS Devices.
• The Bridge Server is the one stop communication point for Sql Server and it can be downloaded for free from http://makeprog.com
• Refer to http://makeprog.com/Products/iWindowsProg/WindowsProgBridgeServer.aspx for more information and why it makes your database stay secure.
• Works Over 3G/4G.

• $19.99 for Full product.

Privacy Policy : http://makeprog.com/documents/Privacy Policy.pdf
Terms & Conditions : http://makeprog.com/documents/Terms and Conditions.pdf

If you need any assistance/more information/feedback please contact us at support@makeprog.com

MakeProg Technologies


2019年01月07日 にバージョン1.0が 更新されました。

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リリース日 2019年01月07日
更新 2019年01月07日
バージョン 1.0
サイズ 162.61 MB
販売元 MakeProg Technologies
言語 日本語対応 英語対応

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