Tool : PDF2Keynote

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Tool : PDF2Keynote

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• Create slides with your preferred apps, then annotate and present in Keynote

Whether you use Beamer (LaTeX), Deckset, or any other slideshow apps, PDF to Keynote allows you to import the PDF slides with 1-to-1 fidelity into Keynote as vector images. Then, use the robust annotation and presentation tools in Keynote to present with confidence.

• Customize the presentation with any size

PDF to Keynote automatically chooses an aspect ratio and slide size based on your PDF page size. Need more options? Pick from a wide range of common aspect ratios, or add your own custom size. Would like to export the slide into images or videos that look great on Retina displays? Turn on Retina scaling for pixel-perfect result.

• Pick your own background color

Pick from a wide range of professional or vibrant background colors as the backdrop of your slides. Just like how you can add custom sizes, there's also options to add your favorite custom colors.

• Open from any storage providers

In addition to supporting opening PDF files through the Share Sheet ("Open In PDF to Keynote"), PDF to Keynote also supports any storage providers, including but not limited to iCloud Drive, Google Drive and Dropbox through the standard Files interface.

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2020年01月22日 にバージョン1.1が 更新されました。


Fixed all known bugs

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リリース日 2019年08月01日
更新 2020年01月22日
バージョン 1.1
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