Controlax Pro: Control for Mac

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Controlax Pro: Control for Mac

販売元:Wayhold Co., Ltd.






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Have you ever thought about controlling the Mac through the iPhone? Mac apps custom control, keyboard shortcuts mouse & keyboard, remote shutdown, PowerPoint remote or customize what you use most.
With Controlax, your iOS device will turn into a Mac's powerful Touch Bar in 1 step in 1 second.

Controlax takes all:

•1sec Connect & Auto Detect:
We tried our best to simplify the connection between your iPhone and computer. And the best way to do it is to let your iPhone find your computer automatically.

•Revolution update: You can customize what you use most now.
You can create shortcuts about apps, files, folders, websites, keyboard shortcuts and more with your imagination.

•Touch Bar also Remote Control
A productive controller when near Mac, and a remote controller when far away Mac. Remote shutdown, apps switching, windows switching, windows maximization, lock the screen, screenshot with one button.

•Remote mouse & keyboard
Tap it. Slide it. Drag it. The iPhone become your best trackpad of computer now. Familiar gestures make movement natural and intuitive

•Number Pad
Your efficiency can be improved by 300% when you using Excel, Numbers and calculator

•PowerPoint Remote & support Preview and Notes
Turn your iPhone into a powerpoint remote.

•Extremely Stable with Dual-Channel Technology:
Exclusive Dual-Channel(internet and LAN) technology make the connection extremely stable.

•Distance-limitless Controling:
The Internet-Connection-Mode enables Controlax to remote control smoothly from every signal corner of the world, without any space and distance's restriction.

System Requirements:
-iOS 8 or later
-MacOS 10.10 or later

Guangzhou Wayhold Information Technology Co. ,Ltd


2019年09月26日 にバージョン2.5が 更新されました。


# Supporting add or delete presets
# Stability enhanced.
# A lot of bugs fixed.

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リリース日 2019年09月26日
更新 2019年09月26日
バージョン 2.5
サイズ 45.94 MB
販売元 Wayhold Co., Ltd.
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