АdCatchеr - Sаfе Аdblоck

АdCatchеr - Sаfе Аdblоck」はELIT, OOOが配信するiPhoneアプリです。
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АdCatchеr - Sаfе Аdblоck










If you are completely fed up with ads that appear while you are browsing, then this application was designed just for you! AdCatcher pretends to be a leader among ad blockers. It can quickly remove all known kinds of annoying or even disturbing internet adverts.

The short list of AdCatcher’s main features and benefits:

We created a simple and understandable interface, thus it won’t be a problem for you to figure out, how to start running the program;
There will be no push-notifications sent you, whereas AdCatcher is on. So, nothing will distract you;
The app works equally correctly with both Wi-Fi and cellular networks;
It can easily hide or remove all kinds of ads like text, banners, video ads, pop-ups;
We can guarantee you that none of your personal information will be collected by different online trackers;
You won’t notice any connection speed changes, because we don’t use VPN or proxy;
You can use AdCatcher with all popular browsers;
We provided you with an option to switch easily between normal and dark themes;
Compatible with each type of mobile phones or tablets;
We are searching for new ads all the time to add them to our blacklists.

Why do you need to install it? We have prepared several convincing reasons, because ads in your browser mean more than you can guess!
Permanent appearing of banners and pop-ups is annoying;
they can distract your attention and don’t let you focus on a topic properly;
even accidental tap on an ad banner can redirect you to malicious pages;
it may collect any kind of personal data from your gadget;
ads cause slowdowns and affect the battery badly.

There is a free trial period provided. So, you don’t need to make a decision right away, just give AdCatcher a try. If you like this app, then we can offer you several the most profitable types of subscription among similar programs. It is up to you whether to purchase it or cancel at any moment. Subscription renews without your confirmation each time you won’t disable it 24 hours prior. Money will be withdrawn from your iTunes account. Please, pay attention that if you purchase one of offered subscription types whereas your free days aren’t finished, you lose a chance to complete the trial!

Terms of Use: https://adcatcherapp.com/terms-of-use.html
Privacy Policy: https://adcatcherapp.com/data-policy.html



2019年11月25日 にバージョン1.0.4が 更新されました。


bugs fixed




リリース日 2019年11月02日
更新 2019年11月25日
バージョン 1.0.4
サイズ 40.95 MB
言語 日本語対応 英語対応

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