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Coins Fall - Private Tracker







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CoinsFall is your ideal helper for personal finances handling! Did you use to waste lots of money without control buying something you haven’t ever worn or used since then? Is it impossible for you to save money for a hobby or indeed important things? In this case, you should definitely give CoinsFall a try! Our app is simple, but effective digital helper, that will give you a hand with finances managing!

What benefits did we prepare? Let’s take a brief tour!
You can add as many incomes and expenses as needed without any limits!
It’s possible to enter them either manually or via voice input. If you are in a hurry, but don’t want to forget about any expenses you haven’t added to the list yet, then try doing it by voice, not by hands.
Do you want to save money for something desirable? It’s possible to be implemented with our super moneybox!
Are you afraid of spending more money than it was set during the month? No problems! You can set a month budget and stick to it.
There is a simple, but informative, statistics provided. You can always view the money expenditure and take measures in advance.
In case you have any debts, you are welcome to add them to a corresponding category. It’s more comfortable to control and manage them using CoinsFall.
The app we developed has an intuitively understandable interface, so you won’t experience any difficulties. Moreover, it supports multicurrency, so you can choose an appropriate one and customize the usage.
Are you afraid of losing private information about your debts, savings and so on? Don’t worry! You can lock the app using a strong password!
There is also a smart reminder provided, so you don’t need to care at all! CoinsFall will send you a notification in order to remind you to add new incomes or expenses.

CoinsFall includes lots of features that are meant to make your usage experience more pleasant. We know that personal finances are quite important to everyone, so we decided to help you manage them using our efficient application. We suppose, that simpleness is the most required thing, when you deal with such programs, thus we didn’t add anything extra to the list of CoinsFall’s features.

Our app will help you to control finances, save money and manage expenses, preventing their growth. By the way, CoinsFall makes all the processes comfortable and understandable for the user!

Let’s make personal finances managing the strong side of yours!




2020年10月30日 にバージョン1.1が 更新されました。


- minor improvements

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リリース日 2020年10月20日
更新 2020年10月30日
バージョン 1.1
サイズ 20.26 MB
言語 日本語対応 英語対応

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