Splitidеa - Simplе аnd Sеcure

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Splitidеa - Simplе аnd Sеcure







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SplitIdea is the most convenient way to share expenses with friends! If you like visiting cafes, cinemas with others, but can’t guess, who owes you, afterward, then our app is just for you! There is no need to waste time trying to split the bill correctly, as SplitIdea provides you with the most accurate solution. By the way, the application includes many other useful tools, which make the usage simpler and more user-friendly!

Do you want to stop arguing with friends each time you go out together? Let’s find out how SplitIdea can help you!
The application helps split any kinds of bills. Whether you are in a restaurant with friends or just need to pay an electricity bill with other housemates, you won’t face any problems!
There are special folders available, so you can divide all the expenses into groups to find them quickly later. By the way, there are absolutely no limits!
You can create different folders for each category: Travelling, Home, Sport, Restaurants and so on.
Debts accounting is also available! You can be certain about “who owes who” and won’t make a mistake. Actually, SplitIdea makes it impossible to forget about debts!
You can archive any entries if they aren’t relevant anymore. No need to delete them right away! Perfect for rare expenses!
It’s possible to share any entries with friends or housemates via social media, messengers, etc. Just choose the most appropriate variant and send a folder/expense in a tap! Nothing difficult at all!
You can change currency at any moment! SplitIdea supports multicurrency - you are free to choose the best variant! By the way, this option helps split bills, when you travel abroad with friends.
SplitIdea includes a smart system of push-notifications, so there is no chance to miss a thing! You will always be informed about debts’ status and other important statements!
One more benefit of our application is its simplicity! By installing it, you will get the most reliable and totally understandable app with basic interface. What else is needed for comfortable usage?

We all like spending time with friends, but sometimes, it’s quite difficult to find out who should pay the bill quickly. SplitIdea is the best application for such cases! It helps share any kinds of expenses without time loss! Moreover, correct bill splitting may prevent further misunderstanding and strengthen the relationships! Just give this tool a try!

PRIVACY POLICY: https://clck.ru/SXyCv
TERMS OF USE: https://clck.ru/SXyDf



2020年12月22日 にバージョン1.1が 更新されました。


- minor improvements

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リリース日 2020年12月16日
更新 2020年12月22日
バージョン 1.1
サイズ 22.05 MB
言語 日本語対応 英語対応

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