HCL Traveler Companion

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HCL Traveler Companion

販売元:HCL America Inc.








  • Lotus NotesなどのIBM製品とiPhoneの連携を取る、ユーティリティアプリ
  • Lotus Notes/Dominoのメールアドレス帳などをiPhoneに同期できる
  • Lotus Notes/Domino内のメールを暗号化したままiPhoneに転送することが可能
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HCL Traveler Companion offers HCL Domino® mail extensions for Domino mail. Now, users who synchronize their Domino mail using Traveler can access additional Notes and Domino capabilities on their iPhone!

Please note that this application is meant for users who are already using HCL Traveler.

If you want a mobile alternative to reading Domino-encrypted mail on your laptop, then this is the application for you. Encrypted mail will appear in your Inbox with only a unique, secure link for the Companion application. After entering your Traveler password, the mail will be displayed on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and then upon exit will leave no decrypted mail on the device -- ensuring the security of your most sensitive corporate data.

HCL Traveler Companion will also allow you to send encrypted mail from your device, and read and respond to other secure messages, such as those marked "do not copy" or containing sensitive attachments.

Forget to let co-workers know you'll be away on vacation? You can now use Companion to update your Out of Office settings. (Traveler server required.)

Companion supports the MobileIron® mobile device management environment. Organizations using MobileIron to manage their mobile applications can securely access their Traveler server and ensure compliance with the organization's device and mobile application security policies.

Simply install the Companion application, refer to the included Help to configure it to use your existing Traveler server, and upon completion of the configuration steps, you are ready to go! Organizations using MobileIron can even automatically configure Companion.

Note: Before using this application, check with your Traveler administrator. Your Traveler server must be running Traveler (or greater) to support this application. (Traveler server or greater is recommended to take advantage of all of the available features.) Any problems found with the Traveler Companion application or the Traveler server can be reported through your normal HCL support process.


All references to Renovations refer to a fictitious company name and are designed for illustration purposes only. MobileIron is a registered trademark of MobileIron, Inc.

HCL America


2022年04月22日 にバージョン12.0.3が 更新されました。


Bug Fix

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リリース日 2010年01月18日
更新 2022年04月22日
バージョン 12.0.3
サイズ 9.29 MB
販売元 HCL America Inc.
言語 日本語対応 英語対応

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