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Deluxe Moon Pro • App & Widget」はSergey Vdovenkoが配信するiPhoneアプリです。
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Deluxe Moon Pro • App & Widget」は「 趣味 - 天体観測 - 月の満ち欠け」 などの独自カテゴリーに分類しています。

Deluxe Moon Pro • App & Widget

販売元:Sergey Vdovenko








  • 月のムーンフェイズをリアルなグラフィックで表示
  • 現在のムーンフェイズ、正確なムーンフェイズ回数、アニメでの星座、月占いとカレンダーなどが掲載
  • 月と植物、人間の持ってる感情、血圧、健康、金運などの関係性を解説してます
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Deluxe Moon is a beautifully crafted moon application with innovative lunar design. Whether you are an astronomy student, a photography professional, passionate about exploring the night sky, or simply admiring the Moon, you must take a look at this amazing app.
The followers of the Western (Babylonian, Avestan, Elinic, Medieval) astrological tradition or enthusiasts of ethnic religions will also find a lot of useful and unique information for themselves.

Let's start from astronomy, photography, science, navigation, and education

Deluxe Moon provides you with the most complete real time and reference information about the Moon.

• Moon phases calendar with integration to iCal
• Moon phase dates
• Lunation cycle (+ great looking large widget)
• Realtime moon parameters for any date and time
• Moonrise, moonset, sunrise, sunset time
• Moon compass
• Apogee/Perigee table
• Moon nodes table
• Moon brightness table
• Seasons: equinox/solstice table
• Lunar eclipse/solar eclipse table
• Sun/Moon altitude diagram
• Moon exploration resources
• Minimoon/Supermoon table [extension]
• Twilight table: civil, nautical, and astronomical twilights [extension]
• Golden hour [extension]
• Blue hour [extension]

Tracking the Moon

• Sidereal time
• Full names of all moon phases
• Precise full moon / new moon phase times on the main screen
• Current moon age
• Percent of the illuminated moon area
• Declination and right ascension
• Ecliptic longitude and latitude
• Moonrise and moonset times for your location
• Countdown timers for moonrise and moonset
• Current, moonrise and moonset azimuths
• Moon distance from the Earth
• Moon angular radius
• Lunar eclipse times in the Moon parameters
• Moon elevation
• Compass with Sun and Moon azimuth

Tracking the Sun

• Sunrise, sunset and zenith
• Countdown Sun timers
• Solar eclipse times
• Solstice and Equinox tables
• Local Sidereal Time
• Solar time

The Moon in our culture

Would you like to plan your activities according to the lunar cycle? Combining moon day and moon in zodiac sign with planetary hours and void of course times you get the most complete set of instruments for doing that.
In one application you get comprehensive moon phases information, specific gardening advice based on the current moon phase, precise moon phase times, animated Zodiac circles, moon horoscope and lunar calendar, moon day descriptions and much more.

Moon calendar includes views for moon phases, moon in zodiac signs, moon days and moon void of course times.

Would you like to explore how the Moon influences you life? Use calendar notes with colors and iCal integration and sharing!

Deluxe Moon supports both sidereal and tropical zodiac systems. You can choose one in Menu->Options.

Daily recommendations are based on antient Babylonian moon days system.

• Detailed moon day descriptions with precautions and recommendations
• Modern aspects such as business and haircut also included
• Moon forecast with iCal integration and sharing
• Moon Void of Course time
• Moon Void of Course table with calendar, zodiac diagram and powerful sharing capabilities

As a tribute to Old Farmer's Almanac there are also specific gardening tips for moon phases and lunar zodiac signs

The following extensions are available in addition to extremely rich base functionality.

• Twilights
• Moon tables
• Planetary hours
• Super moon/mini moon table
• Blue moon table

UI Customization

• Classic and Dark themes.
• Customization. Long tap on a button on the main screen to adjust its functionality.
• Music selection (Menu->Options)


• A set of 9 home screen widgets

Apple Watch support

• The most beautiful application for Apple Watch
• Apple Watch complication

Impressive isn't it?
So don't hesitate and download Deluxe Moon now!

If you have any questions, feel free contacting us:

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2022年01月26日 にバージョン4.1.4が 更新されました。


• The "Menu->Options->Astrology OFF" option is now working properly. When astrology is disabled, the main screen shows the constellation, the date of the next full moon, and the date of the next eclipse.
• Default music changed to Deluxe Moon. Music can be changed in the settings (Menu->Options->scroll to the bottom->Music).
• Moon zodiac system (sidereal or tropical) is shown at the first page on the main screen.
• Moon day is shown iat the first page on the main screen.
• New categories "planetary hour" and "day of the week" are shown in the lunar forecast and on the astrology screen. Requires "Planetary Hours" extension.
• Added astro forecast icon to the main screen. It is hidden if astrology is disabled in the options.
• Extensions are shown in the main menu
• Extensions can be assigned to buttons at the bottom of the main screen (long tap on a button to configure it).
• Improvements in lunar tables: when you tap on an item in the list, a screen with a detailed description of the day, zodiac or lunar station is shown.
• Improvements in planetary hours extension: when you tap on a planetary hour, lunar day, or symbol for the day of the week, a detailed characteristic is shown.

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リリース日 2011年11月22日
更新 2022年01月26日
バージョン 4.1.4
サイズ 255.58 MB
販売元 Sergey Vdovenko
言語 英語対応